Direct Aid Society implements a specialized surgical camp in Burkina Faso

Direct Aid Society implements a specialized surgical camp in Burkina Faso

45 Surgical Operations and it aims at training local surgeons

Direct Aid Society has concluded the surgical camp set up by it in the State of Burkina Faso throughout the period from 23rd May to 28th May 2016. This was in the framework of Direct Aid Society’s strategy for supporting the poor patients and relieving their sufferings in addition to aiming at training local medical staff in African countries through inviting and hosting medical specialized teams.

In the last year, the camp was set up in the public hospital located in the capital “Ouagadougou” with the participation of a volunteered medical team from Algeria headed by Dr. Idris Rabouh by an invitation from Direct Aid Society. The camp included many medical specialties such as general medicine, surgery, oncology, face, hands and neck surgery, orthopedics, obstetrics in addition to anesthesia and medical recovery.

The main aim of the camp was to execute the highly complicated surgical operations whereas 45 surgical operations were performed for removing uterus fibrous tumors, hysterectomy, cancer navel ablation, breast tumors ablation, appendectomy tumors ablation, the lower and upper jaw tumors ablation, restoration of the nose and the cancer tumors on the face in addition to treating the coalescence of lower jaw with the skull, the ill-docking in addition to other operations for treating the wounds of bladder and rectum etc.

The camp focused on the training part whereas the medical team was keen on involving some local surgeons directly and guiding them after receiving all the theoretical information before each surgical operation and then the direct implementation.

The camp has received a formal impressive attention whereas agents of Ministry of Health and Social Affairs in addition to the University of Ouagadougou have participated in honoring the medical delegation. This is besides the great media attention by various media means in Burkina Faso whereas many TV channels most noticeably RTB channel, BFI, SEDWAYA newspaper and OMEGA FM channel had attended and transferred the closing ceremony live on the Internet.