Direct Aid Society launches Ramadan 2016 campaign

Direct Aid Society launches Ramadan 2016 campaign

Under the banner of “AID THEM”

As its annual habit, Direct Aid Society launched its Ramadan campaign of 2016 under the banner of “AID THEM”, where the campaign has three main bases, including the educational path, the developing path and the direct, humanitarian and charitable path.

In the educational path, the Direct Aid society has launched a project about the implementation of the second phase of Umma University, which aims to support Islamic culture and religious education in the region, and provides the society with the scientific and leading cadres. The first stage was to open the new building of the University in 2014, then the Direct Aid Society gets to the implementation of the second phase at a cost of up to 4 million Kuwaiti dinars and covers an area of more than 20 thousand square meters, ending in 2018.

The second phase includes the construction of several facilities such as lecturing halls, showrooms, celebrations suite, water fountains, playgrounds, housing for teaching staff, in addition to the solar power section to light the passages in the university.

The developing path includes the interest-free loans project, which aims to empower women, support their role in the family and society. Also, it aims to   raise the economic level, create self-employment opportunities for women, reduce poverty and unemployment and promote the spirit of integration and solidarity among the members of society. It is an economic, social developing project depends on the principle of micro-finance, and it provides lending services for women without resorting to the traditional guarantees for financing small income-generating projects. The project consolidates the culture of work, which positively affects the health and education level of the family members by having a steady income for them. The project gives collective loans for (3-5) women for small, service, commercial and industrial projects.

The direct and charitable path is represented in fundraising for Iftar Saim project (Breakfast for Fasters), which is regarded to be one of the most important seasonal projects implemented by the Association in the poor African countries. This projected started by Direct Aid Society since 1982. Currently, the project is providing around 3 million Iftar meals during the month of Ramadan.

In this campaign, the Direct Aid society uses various media and advertising methods such as prints, audio-visual media means, social media websites, advertising boards, and ads on buses and others. The Association is receiving the inquiries of the donors and philanthropists by telephone or directly in its five branches deployed in Kuwait in the areas of Hawalli, Rawda, Khaitan, Al-Jahra and Fahaheel.