Direct Aid society opens a drinking water station in center of Sudan

Direct Aid society opens a drinking water station in center of Sudan

The Kuwaiti Direct Aid Society opened drinking water station on this Monday in the town of (Al-Baniah) in state of (North Kordofan) central Sudan with a total estimated cost of $ 96,300.

The representative of the state of (North Kordofan) Al-Fatih Zain El Abidin in his speech during the opening ceremony, expressed his appreciation for the good people of Kuwait praising the efforts of (Direct Aid) and its “appreciated” contributions through the charitable projects and humanitarian aid provided to the needy.

Zain El Abidin stressed on the importance of establishing such “vital” projects, because people of this region in particular suffer a lot in order to get water, adding that this project will contribute in pushing the development process in the region.

For his part, the Director of the Office of Direct Aid Society in Sudan Alman  Saidaty Fal in similar speech, stressed on the significance of the project to the people of the town and surrounding areas for the provision of potable water and to support development in the region.

He pointed out that the station consists of a water tank with a capacity of eight thousand gallons, a water line with pipes to provide human with water, water line with water basins for livestock and artesian well.

A number of the beneficiaries of the region’s population, during the opening ceremony, expressed their happiness for the opening of the station which means a lot to them, praising what is being done by Direct Aid Society of vital projects in the hinterlands.

The ceremony was attended by a deputy president Mohamed Hjeer, and the local deputy (Om Dam Haj Ahmad) to which the project area is belonging, and a number of official and popular leaders and people of the area.