Direct Aid Society receives the badge of Merit Knight Order and the Order of Education from Burkina Faso

Direct Aid Society receives the badge of Merit Knight Order and the Order of Education from Burkina Faso

In recognition of its efforts in the Charity and Educational Works

In recognition of its great and continued efforts in charity work in Burkina Faso since the establishment of its office there in 1986, Direct Aid Society received the badge of Merit Knight Order in the health and social works in name of President of state of Burkina Faso.

This recognition was made by the highest authority in State of Burkina Faso to Direct Aid Society as honor, appreciation and recognition of its various efforts which include the health, educational and human relief fields and the continuation of these efforts during the year 2015 in spite of the unrest and lawlessness witnessed by Burkina Faso throughout that year.

Furthermore, Direct Aid Society received the Order of Education in recognition of the continuing effort in supporting the education whereas it provides the educational services to a number of 3,800 students in 15 schools.

On this occasion, the General Director of Direct Aid Society Dr. Abdullah Abdulrahman Al-Sumait presents his thanks and appreciations to all benefactors of the white hands and compassionate hearts and all philanthropists who have donated generously to the Society enabling it to achieve its mission in the development of African societies and fighting the ignorance, poverty and diseases in these African countries where the society is existing for more than thirty years.

In his turn, the Minister of Social Solidarity in Burkina Faso representing Presidency of the Republic said that the Order of Merit is awarded after the constant visits to the Society Centers in the state by the government and noticing the huge size of annual support to those mentioned groups in addition to the method of delivering the projects and aids; expressing his great gratitude to Direct Aid Society for providing the aids, impoverishing the needy families and those of special needs and ensuring the orphans and widows as the number of orphans who are under the sponsorship of the six centers of Direct Aid Society in Burkina Faso reached 1083 orphans.

It is worth mentioning that the Direct Aid Society is working on a clear strategy and focusing on building the human and to accomplish this, it made several projects; most notably are Al-Noor Camps for treatment of cataract blindness, project of the second phase of Al-Ummah University, project of Life Springs for digging 100 artesian wells in Niger in addition to other types of construction, relief and guidance to Almighty Allah projects.