Direct Aid Society saved 48000 people and provided medicine for patients in “Malawi”

Direct Aid Society saved 48000 people and provided medicine for patients in “Malawi”

Direct Aid Society with the cooperation of the emergency offices subject to the republic of Malawi made a saving program for the afflicted of the floods which stroke the southern and eastern areas of the country during the past few months in the areas of (Nsanji, Mchinji, Balaka, and Eastern Dedza) which located about 400 Km of the capital “Lilongwe”.

The saving program included distribution of 56 tons of the nutrition materials to 3200 families, with a total of 48000 people of those who had been afflicted with the floods with a financial cost of 40 Thousand Euro. The Society has distributed a nutrition basket for every family (14 Kg of the of complete relief materials) consisting of: corn flour, soya flour, rice, beans, sugar, oil and salt.

In terms of its continuing medical efforts in the African continent, Direct Aid Society Office in Malawi provided medical assistances of medicine in name of the Kuwaiti People to the poor patients suffering of cancer and the needy who cannot pay the high expenses of medical treatments.

The Minister of Health in Malawi “Jean Kalilani” received the medicine and expressed her high gratitude to Kuwaiti People for these assistances which were described as the important one as they meet the needs of the ministry of health in Malawi and support its efforts to fight the disease of cancer which is spreading highly during the recent years as there are 20 thousand new cases every year in Malawi.

The Minister added that Direct Aid presented good kinds of effective medicine and it gave instructions to put these medicines in the central pharmacy of the public hospital and to be distributed among patients who could not get it in the past.

Furthermore, the mass media in Malawi celebrated these assistances as they have been praised by the printed journals and transmitted by Malawi TV in the headlines of its news for five days.

Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Muhailan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Direct Aid Society has signed with the previous president of Malawi Joyce Banda an understanding agreement during her visit to Kuwait at the end of year 2013 to establish a university for the technical sciences in Malawi which is considered the fifth university by Direct Aid Society in Africa after its universities in Somalia, Zanzibar, Tanzania and Kenya.

It is worth to be mentioned that Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Muhailan, the founder of Direct Aid Society began his activities in Africa by opening the first field office in Republic of Malawi in 1981 under the name of Malawi Muslims Committee, then the offices in the African continent has been multiplied. After that, the name was changed to be the Committee of African Muslims until it is named as the Direct Aid Society after expanding its activities and its activities included the Muslims and non-Muslims as an international organization and a member in the United Nations having strategic cooperation with several human establishments working in the African continent and having educational, health and progressive programmes aim at improving the individuals and developing the African society to make it depends on itself and gradually giving up of the external assistances.