Direct Aid Society signed a partnership agreement with the Ministry of Health in Benin

Direct Aid Society signed a partnership agreement with the Ministry of Health in Benin

In order to facilitate its health works and enhance the cooperation between the two parties.

Due to the diversity of its activities and charitable projects in African countries in which the health aspect occupies a very important part of them, Direct Aid Society signed partnership agreement with the Ministry of Health in Benin. Under this agreement, the Society can implement many works in easier and faster manner which contributes to promptly deliver the health services to the society as well as equipping health facilities and medical camps and other installations.

The agreement provides a number of items including: facilitating the creation, operation and management of health facilities of the society in various grades, the issue of license for the health facilities and other health projects, programs and activities including surgical convoys and camps and vaccination campaigns.

Also, the agreement provides strengthening cooperation between the ministry and the society in health programs and activities and provide administrative and technical for the society in order to facilitate its harmony with government health activities and policy in addition to the society cadres’ utilization from the creation and training programs provided by the government in the State of Benin.

The agreement helps the society to find the ways of funding required for facilitating the implementation of society projects and programs with facilitating the cooperation between the society and medical university institutions and providing information and database required for the completion of health programs like Oyoun Camps and Surgical Camps in addition to facilitate obtaining the plots of lands for the establishment of health facilities.

It is worth to mention that Direct Aid Society was founded in 1981 with operations in Africa and has 33 branches in 33 African countries seeking to focus on the individual education and development, taking care and development of health services, fighting against poverty and disease and developing human resources in full compliance with the principle of transparency in work especially in the financial terms in addition to the quality of work, creating the spirit of cooperation and creativity as basic principles in its policy of work.