“Direct Aid”: the relief work is a part of the history of Government of Kuwait and its people.

“Direct Aid”: the relief work is a part of the history of Government of Kuwait and its people.

On the Margin of the seminar of “the influence of media on marketing projects” in the Faculty of Administrative sciences

Direct Aid Society with cooperation of Future Manager Club of National Union organized a seminar for Kuwait University students, under the title “the influence of media in marketing projects in the location of the Faculty of Administrative sciences, in the presence of Mr. Mohamed Al Hosainan, Abdul Karim Al Shaty, Abdul Rahman Al Shaty and Abdul Rahman Al Badah.

The participants in the seminar stated that the tour they recently made to Kenia was successful, as they were able to present projects of water, of 100 thousand Kuwaiti dinar within 12 hours, through investment of social media, as a mean of donation, and achievement of good mission.

They also said that the volunteering team participated in this tour, besides the accompanying delegation from Direct Aid, represented by: Dr. Abdullah Abdul Rahman, the general manager of Direct Aid Society, Majid Sultan Al Zoaaby, head of electronic market department, Mohamed Al Hosainan, the supervisor of Bing website, the withstanding traveler Abdul Karim Shaty, the Saudi photographer Hussein Al Daghriry, and photographer Abdul Rahman Al Badah.

So, Mohamed Al Hosainan, the supervisor on Kuwait Bing Website talked about his outstanding experience in the cooperative work and using social media in marketing charity works. He said, “I started the charity works 4 years ago, when media was talking about hunger in Somalia, in addition to painful pictures”. So I thought about donation and invite people to participate, then I published so on the website. Within two days, I communicated with Mr. Majid Sultan Al Zoaaby, the head of electronic marketing department in Direct Aid Society, so we collected large amounts of money, with which we performed many of relief and charity projects.

Hosainan added that the website established within last April, by presenting a masjid project in a village in Kenia, and within two hours, we collected more than10 thousand Dinars.

Voluntary work
On his side, the head of public relations department and media in Direct Aid Society, Abdul Rahman Al Shaty, ensured the importance of the volunteering works and relief human aids which represent a part of Kuwait history whether people or government, referring that the Direct Aid Society has started relief works since 1981, where the total size of its works reached up to 33 African countries.

Al Shaty indicated that Direct Aid became at the first place of media, as a result of the supporting role, which State of Kuwait apply on supporting human issues as well as the good reputation of Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Someit, May Allah grant him mercy, as well as his truthfulness in the executing the projects.

He also clarified that the execution of projects standards are based on studies and reports of the United Union, in respect of the needs of those communities, in addition to the field offices of the Society in these cities. We have three priorities, represented in education through the Ummah University, which is considered one of the unique facilities, and considered as a treasure for which the establishers and volunteers are rewarded, health (the most prominent the treatment for blind cases. We performed about 4 million case, in addition to excavating artesian aquifer, which serves millions of people.

Alshaty added that the Society reached areas that would not be reached by the relief aids to this area, however this authority traces the steps of the establisher Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Semite, who took donations, on his own responsibility, to deliver them to pup, By accident On his side, the distinguished traveler, Abdul Karim Al Shaty, said that he started the voluntary works 20 years ago, referring that the accident has a role in his destination to this charity works, as in Costa Rica for tourism, and within this tour he ran out of money, and saw a Christian girl who was providing the relief works. Then, she took him to a society affiliated to a church, where the number of people who cooperate to help those with needs and cooperate with them surprised me.

He added: I discovered that we don’t have any role in charity works, so I moved toward volunteering in cooperative work.

Kenia tour
On his side, the photographer Abdul Rahman Al Badah said: I participated in Kenia Tour, which was successful at all scales, in spite of my feeling of scare from the beginning, but there is insistence inside us to proceed the tour and help our partners in humanity, referring to the difficulties they encountered in their way to reach the island, but we touched the sky when we saw the mosque from behind heavy trees, and the happiness of the people by being with them.

Then Al Badah called for attendance of the owners of the websites, to work with Allah, to be a credit at the doomsday, and to establish projects and communicate with the charity committees in General.

University environment:
The participants of the seminar expressed their gratefulness for hosting Future Managers of the National Union for the Students of Kuwait University, indicating that the environment of university is the beginning of establishment of successful life and human project.