In recognition of its great efforts in Yemen

The governor of Ibb Governorate, Major General. Abdul Wahid Salah granted the Governorate Shield from the first class to the director of the Direct Aid Society Office in Yemen, HE Saud Asousi, in recognition of her valuable efforts in the establishment of many development and charity projects in the Republic of Yemen. The Brigadier Amin Alorave, Deputy Governor and the Secretary General, handed over the Shield on behalf of the governor in the honor celebration set up by the General Teaching Hospital to all workers in the third free medical camp to combat blindness and eye diseases in the Governorate, which was funded and supervised by the Direct Aid Society.

On this occasion, Asousi expressed her happiness by obtaining this honor which is regarded as a certificate of pride, emphasizing that it will put a great responsibility on her to intensify her human efforts to establish a number of development and charity projects in Yemen in general and the Ibb Governorate in particular.

Asousi added that reports indicate that the Governorate embraces a large number more than half a million displaced people from neighboring governorates, especially the Taiz Governorate, Aden, Dalea and Baedaa, Hodeida and others. She added that the Governorate is regarded as the link between the North and South Yemen. The displaced people come from everywhere, so this sapped all the resources of the Governorate and made the Governorate carry a big burden resulting in loss of many of the basic services and increased its need for a lot of development and relief urgent projects, indicating that the Ibb Governorate is regarded as an area suitable for establishment of many development projects because of its moderate weather and its strategic location.

Asousi said that the Direct Aid will establish a number of development and relief projects in the Ibb Governorate, including a water barrier which witnesses work today with a total cost up to half a million US dollars, pointing out that the implementation of a free medical camp for eye diseases benefited by more than (6000) patients and performing (700) surgery to remove the cataract and implanting lenses, which is regarded as the largest medical camp held in Yemen, pointing out that the Aid Society prepares to equip the relief campaign, benefiting more than ( 30000) thousand displaced people and the special needs peoples, widows and those below the poverty line.

Asousi concluded thanking and appreciating the local authorities in the  Governorate, led by Major General Abdul Wahid Salah, as well as Vice Governor and the Secretary General Brigadier General Ameen Ali Alorava for their valuable efforts to facilitate and overcome a lot of difficulties and also for the moral and logistic support to the Direct Aid team in order to establish a number of development and charity projects in the Governorate. Also, on behalf of the Direct Aid, she thanked the Educational General Hospital, led by Dr. Abdallah Almateri who accompanied the team day and night and provided all facilities to help third Alnoor free medical Camp and prepared the team volunteering team to organize and facilitate the functioning of the camp. She also thanked the bodies implementing the camp which is Altarahom Medical Institution, led by Dr. Bashir Al-Fadhli and Albaser International Charity Institution, led by Mohamed Al-Humairi for their efforts in the selection of medical staff and implementation of surgeries accurately and successfully as well as the reception of patients, as well as volunteers from the Scouts and the female guides and security committees and technical committees, doctors and all those who contributed even a little in the success of this great humanitarian camp.