After obtaining the first position of Sami Al-Ali Prize for the Fifteenth Informatics concerning categories of the civil societies institutions, His Highness the Amir of the State Sheikh/Subah Al Ahmad Al-Jaber Al Sobah has honored the Society represented by the chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr /Abdulrahman Al Muhaleen. The honor festival was attended by Bill Gates, many sheikhs and other significant characters.

The Society obtained the prize due to its distinction achieved on its electronic website, social media, and the remarkable success in exploitation of the communication and telecommunications technologies in the charitable and humanitarian field done throughout more than thirty African countries.

In this occasion, the head of the public relation at the Direct Aid Society/ Abdulrahman Alshatti, argued that the experience of the Direct Aid Society with the modern social media was useful and rich, shading light on all the different modern social media because of their easy use, wide spread, and their role and development positively to serve the aims of the charitable social and national projects. He pointed to the necessity of exploiting them as that will be reflected positively on the Kuwaiti youths and society which are interested in good and pioneers of giving assistance to the countries harmed by the nescience, poverty, illness and disasters. He explained also that the significance of the social media pushed the Direct Aid Society to invest them positively whereas they have effective role in showing many categories of the society the sufferings of many African countries in addition to emphasizing the significance of the humanitarian voluntary work in many countries
The Direct Aid Society participated in the communication conference in discussion circle that dealt with the role of social media in the humanitarian volunteering work.