Explanation of the photograph

In presence of the team leader Dr. Hesham Bourezq and the team members in the framework of preparations for the establishment of the Seventh Medical Hope camp in Sudan, Medical Hope Team holds a meeting at the headquarter of Direct Aid Society in Hawally for finishing the preparations of medical supplies which the team shall take with during their trip to Sudan for establishing the camp during the period from 13th to 21st May.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Bourezq presented a list including the most important medical supplies and equipment that the team will take with as he provided also the details of the teamwork such as their accommodation, places of storing the medicines and equipment and the efficiency of these equipment will be taken during this trip.

The Hope Medical Team heading to Sudan this year consists of 32 personnel including consultants in different specialties such as general surgery, oncology surgery, ear, nose and throat surgery, ophthalmology surgery, general pediatric surgery, endoscopic surgery, cosmetic and burns surgery, pediatric urology and spine surgery, family medicine and anesthesia in addition to one or two photographers accompanying the team knowing that Direct Aid Society will hold two medical camps in Sudan in the same year, as said by Dr. Hesham Bourezq.

The medical camp which will be set up in Sudan is considered the seventh one hosted by Direct Aid Society since its launch in 2010 in Kenya, then in Gambia 2011, in Somalia 2012, in Tanzania 2013 and then in Djibouti 2014 & 2015 where 421 surgeries were made in the last camp in Djibouti in 2015.

In their turns, members of the Medical Hope team emphasized on their full willingness to do all the work and tasks assigned to each of them to complete the treatment of a large scale of needy patients during the camp, promising that their works and achievements shall be the best witnesses on the faithfulness of their intentions and the duty imposed by the Almighty Allah.