Investment In Man Is The Best Investment at all

Investment In Man Is The Best Investment at all

When we see one of the orphans sponsored by Direct Aid over the last thirty years holding the highest scientific degree and occupying one of the highest leading positions in his homeland, then, we make sure that we are on the right way and that the best chartable investment provided to our brothers in Africa was the development, education and qualification of African man. This is the strategy of our work adopted by the founder Dr. Abdulrahman Al Sumait – May Allah Bless Him – who viewed investment in man by educating, qualifying him and helping him to do without the foreign aids and become self – dependence as the best chartable in Africa.

Today, we reap a new fruit of developing the African man through Professor / Hussein Masar Hussein who has become the Minister of Health in Chad. We are proud of him. He was one of Direct Aid’s Education Family until he has got Bachelor of Islamic Law from Zarqa University in Jordan, then master and doctorate degree in economy from World Islamic Science & Education University.

Dr. Hussein, the father of 5 children, is one of the activists in the field of Islamic Call in Chad and the founder of Chadian Al Asala Youth Society. He worked also as a General Coordinator for Transparency in the Ministry of Petroleum. On 25th August 2015, he was appointed as a Minister of Health in Chad.
Direct Aid’s delegate presided by Chad Manager, Hammad Adam Al Sayed Al Wazeer, has visited Dr. Hussein Masar at his home to congratulate him on the occasion of the new position and discuss with him the projects that will be carried out in the future by Direct Aid in Chard.

On his part, Minister Hussein Masar has showed his complete readiness to support Direct Aid’s issue and adopt its charitable projects and he still considers himself as one Direct Aid’s sons. He always communicates with the society and follows up the charitable work provided by Kuwaiti kind people to their African fellows, particularly in Chad ,

It is worth mentioned that Dr. Hussein has visited Kuwait last year and met General Manager of Direct Aid, Dr. Abdullah Al Sumait and a number of charitable work leaders in Kuwait.