King of Morocco Visited one of the Islamic centers, an affiliate of the Direct Aid Society in ” Bissau”.

King of Morocco Visited one of the Islamic centers, an affiliate of the Direct Aid Society in ” Bissau”.

King Mohammad VI of Morocco and his accompanying entourage have visited the Islamic Solidarity Center, an affiliate of the Direct Aid Society in the state of “Guinea-Bissau”. He prayed Jumu’ah in the Mosque of the Center. His majesty ordered to maintain, prepare, furniture, and also supply the Mosque with Holly Quran at his own expenses.

This comes during the visit of His Majesty King Mohammad VI to “Guinea-Bissau” at the end of last month whose agenda included opening the Medical Surgical Camp supervised by Moroccan Army physicians in cooperation with the Islamic Solidarity Center, the affiliate of the Direct Aid Society. The delegate accompanying King Mohammad VI included the Moroccan Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, who thanked the Direct Aid Society for all its efforts for Muslims, and its help to the poor and needy and its support to the programs of development in the African Countries.

Hussain Yaqoubi, the general manager of the Direct Aid society in “Guinea-Bissau” attended Jumu’ah prayer, with a group of high ranking characters in the ” Bissau ” Government in addition to the entourage of His Majesty King Mohammad VI. The preacher of the Direct Aid Society Sheikh/ Mohammed Ali Boga led the worshipers. At the end of the prayer, King Mohammad VI offered Quran to the high ranking characters and sheiks of the tribes in “Guinea-Bissau”. Then, His Majesty accompanied by the president of “Guinea-Bissau”, visited the Field Hospital of the Moroccan Surgical Camp.

The visit was covered by great promotional campaign by the local mass media in “Bissau”. The television channels in Morocco and Bissau presented live broadcast to the rituals of Jumu’ah prayer.

The Direct Aid Society has opened its field office in the state of ” Guinea-Bissau” in 1988 through which it supported more than 300 orphans and tens students to complete their university and master studying. It also helped send hundreds of pilgrims annually at the expenses of His majesty, Prince of the state of Kuwait. It also helped dig more than 700 superficial and artesian wells. It also established more than 70 mosques, 5 orphanages, 15 schools, 2 hospitals and many other huge development projects, in addition to establishing many surgical camps and distributing tens of containers of human aids of clothes and food.