Kuwaiti Ambassador in Kenya visited “Direct Aid Society” projects in “Cliffy” and “Maldini”

Kuwaiti Ambassador in Kenya visited “Direct Aid Society” projects in “Cliffy” and “Maldini”

The Ambassador, Quosai Rashid Alfarhan, the ambassador of State of Kuwait in Kenya visited Direct Aid projects and centers in Cliffy and Maldini areas at Kenya shore. The Minister of Mineral Wealth in Kenya, Najib Ba Ala and the elected Parliament Member, Abdulsamad Sharif, The Head of Eastern African Sector of Direct Aid Society, Amar Bu Bakry and Dr. Ismael Hassan Husain, Director of Office of The Society in Kenya and number of officers in Kenya office.

The visit included Al-Tawfik Hospital which is considered the only hospital for Muslims in Kenya. On this occasion, Direct Aid Society presented Ultrasound Equipment and bed for surgical operations to the hospital. The Kenyan Minister and rest of the officials expressed the necessity of these devices and equipment to the hospital. They expressed also the need of Cliffy area for this support, and the praised the support which was presented by Direct Aid Society for the needy in Kenya. They also praised its human role in Africa, which is represented in constructing mosques, digging wells, orphanages, building model schools and taking care of education in all stages from primary stage to the university.

Minister of Mineral Wealth said in his speech: “The plentiful donations of the equipment given today and for which people are in need and which are existing only in private hospitals in Mambas and Nairobi are considered a good example of the great services presented by the society of in this beloved country.”

The minister added saying: “Umma University, which is one of the unique facilities established by Direct Aid Society, is considered a wealthy treasure by which the workers in the society and the human donators shall be appraised whereas all Muslims in Kenya and the coming generations will vest its benefits”. Also, the minister referred to the distinguished relations and fruitful cooperation between the Kenyan and Kuwaiti governments.

On his side, the Kuwaiti Ambassador praised the role of Direct Aid Society – African Muslims Committee – and its distinguished efforts in Africa and thanked who are working in this appreciated organization and who support them of charitable generous Kuwaiti people.

Moreover, the Kuwaiti Ambassador inspected Khalifa Al Ansary Center in “Cliffy” city. It is an integrated center subject to Direct Aid Society including 200 orphans as he met the orphans and pupils of the primary school which is considered one of 12 primary schools which were built by the Society in Kenya. Those orphans and pupils were pleased by the visit of the ambassador and by receiving gifts and expensive donations from him.

Also, the ambassador and the delegation accompanying him visited the Arabco Model Secondary School which is one of three secondary model schools build and run by Direct Aid Society in Kenya. The School won the first rank in Cliffy area in the exams of the secondary stage and was one of the first twenty schools out of 7000 secondary schools in Kenya.

Director of Office of Direct Aid Society in Kenya, Dr. Ismael Hassan Husain thanked the Kuwaiti ambassador and the Kenyan Minister of Industry and the honored accompanying delegation and all who attended and participated the visits of the leaders and officers of the area. Dr. Ismael said in his speech: “From the deeps of our hearts, we express our thankful and gratitude to all charitable people who gave their human hands by charity and their great souls by donation and giving to please the poor, needy and orphans and building mosques where the name of Allah is mentioned, schools and science sources to teach the Islam religion to the young.

Finally, Dr. Ismael concluded his speech by praying for Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Sumait – May Allah have mercy on him – The Founder of Direct Aid Society and the first who started charity in Africa, asking Almighty Allah to have mercy on him and let him dwell in the superfluous space of Paradise.