Direct Aid Achievements:

  • Sponsorship of more than 12,686 students with scholarships.
  • Sponsorship of more than 79,609 thousand orphans.
  • Sponsorship of more than 64,984 undergraduate students enrolled in universities and colleges.
  • Establishing, running and managing 3 hospitals
  • Building and running 320 dispensaries
  • Building and running 304 regular schools from kindergarten through high school
  • Building more than 5,708 mosques in various African countries
  • Drilling more than 24,039 surface and artesian wells to provide fresh water to people in poor villages and areas
  • Establishing 4 radio stations in Africa and operating 2496 radio programs in 19 countries
  • Establishing and running 71 women vocational training and rehabilitation centers.
  • Establishing and running 4 universities with comprehensive academic disciplines.
  • Building and running 17 Islamic institutes
  • Executing more than 5,800 health programs (surgical camp, eyes camp, vaccination campaign, circumcision, medical convoy)
  • Total 14,072 development projects for the benefit of poor families
  • Forming several air bridges for relief to transport urgent aids to drought and famine areas in various African countries, and sending 700,000 tons of aids, medicine, food and clothing
  • DAO consists of 7,745 employees, including 170 employees in Kuwait and the rest are based in African countries and Yemen.

Direct Aid Nationally and Globally:

Direct Aid has diplomatic status and diplomatic immunity in a number of countries under agreements with foreign ministries in such countries and is a member and partner of the following organizations:

  • Islamic Development Bank
  • Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society
  • Turkish Red Crescent Society
  • Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development
  • Doctors around the world YERYÜZÜ DOKTORLARI
  • Hayrat Humanitarian Aid Association
  • World Federation of Islamic Organizations
  • The Gulf Federation for Cancer Control (GFFCC)
  • United Nations International Emergency Fund for Children (UNICEF)
  • Islamic Relief worldwide
  • Humanitarian funds INSANIA
  • World Food Program (WFP)
  • Eye of the World Team
  • Namaa Foundation
  • Awqaf Foundation
  • United Mission Relief
  • International Islamic Charity Organization
  • Emirates Red Crescent
  • Red Cross Society


Awards won by DA in its personal capacity or represented by Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sumait

  • Order of Heads of GCC states, held in Muscat, for charitable work, 1986
  • King Faisal bin Abdulaziz Award, may God have mercy on him, for serving Islam and Muslims, 1996
  • Shield of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor in Kuwait, 1997
  • Kuwait Medical Association Shield, 1997
  • Kuwaiti Scout Shield, 1998
  • Gulf Cooperation Council Medal for Service Scout Movement, 1999
  • Order of the Two Niles, First Class, from the Republic of Sudan, 1999
  • Sharjah Award for Voluntary Work, 2008
  • Second place in the Forbes Middle East Award for Most Transparent Association, 2011
  • First place in Kuwait Best Website Award, 2012
  • Excellence Award for Orphan Care in GCC states (Kafel) for the year 2014 presented by the regional network for social responsibility in Bahrain Kingdom in cooperation with United Nations, Organization of Islamic Cooperation and other organizations.
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